Friday, January 24, 2014

How to be a Big Deal at Prom: Dress Edition

There are very few occasions in most people lives where they actually start prepping themselves months before a one night event! It’s a battle of the ball-gowns that is serious business. Here are a few handy tips for ensuring you not only look stunning, but you also find a dress that best suits your prom needs! All examples below were sourced from Dress First.

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Doing it for the Applause

Plans to make it as Prom queen? Go big. Basically, if it looks like you could be a cake topper, you’re doing it right!  Floor length with poof that’ll bounce all those other wannabe's out of the idea they are any match for you! With the bulk, you'll want to keep embellishments and accessories simple. These are perfect for princess waving the crowds as you accept your crown!

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Pleasing the Paparazzi

For a dress that stands out in photos, bright colors and shiny materials, especially metallics, will do the trick! Sweatheart necklines and mermaid dresses with top-half embellishments are perfect and most flattering for the hundreds of inevitable selfies to be made!

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Whipping your hair back’n’forth?

With most traditional prom formal dresses, their length and bulk can really restrict the movement needed to show off your mad dancing skills. Fortunately the newest A-line and high-low with tulle trends let you do your thing while still having the length of a gown. These are perfect to go all out on the dance floor, while being light and airy enough to not overheat into a perspiring mess!

My top pick

If you’re like me, having no interest in joining the court and instead rather focus the night on getting a ridiculous amounts of selfies and candid dancing photos, then you’ll love the versatility of this dress! Start off the day with the length, fitting in with all the other elegant and formal dresses for the posed photos early in the night. Then BAM! Off the train goes when the real party starts and you don't want to worry about it getting stepped all over! It's unique, flattering and transitions well for the dancing and after-parties! 


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