Thursday, March 6, 2014

#BookReview & #Giveaway // The Weight of Blood by Laura McHugh

Book Review // The Weight of Blood by Laura McHugh

In almost perfect timing last week, two of my most anticipated packages arrived on my doorstep; The Weight of Blood and a mini mountain of Girl Scout Cookies. I had the intention of pacing myself with both, though ended up consuming countless hours and calories, indulging in both the first couple of nights of possessing them. Just as addicting as those infamous girl scout cookies, The Weight of Blood was impossible to set down.

Here is where I swap comparing the book to cookies and switch to something less sweet; American Horror Story. For fans of the incredibly addicting TV series, you know how dark and disturbing the series is, though has a way of keeping you constantly craving more. With both the series and The Weight of Blood, there are characters you quickly become attached to where you have to see how their story unfolds. There are also characters so disturbing, you wonder how anybody could possible be capable of performing their dark acts, eventually hearing their back story to gain some understanding, and sometimes even a smidge of sympathy.

I found myself having similar emotional reactions to The Weight of Blood as I did with American Horror Story. Mouth wide-open, eyes going dry from not being able to look away and my heart literally racing! Each chapter ends with so much suspense I found myself binging, as I did with American Horror Story, finishing the book in the first few days! 

About the book and the author

The Weight of Blood introduces you to a small town in the Ozark mountains of Missouri. Like any small town there are strong loyalties between its long-term inhabitants, but in this town, they are so strong that is is nearly impossible for Lila, an outsider brought in to work, to be accepted by anyone but a few empathetic folks. Lila ends up mysteriously disappearing, leaving behind her young daughter, who grows curious about her mother as she comes of age and ends up discovering the dark secrets of the town she grew up in. 

This is Laura McHugh's debut novel. I was shocked. Reading her bio, she sounds like a pretty normal human, with a family and hobbies typical to most people I know. What's not so normal about her is the sheer talent of her writing abilities. I'm not a 100% sure I would have picked up this novel reading only the description, honestly I don't really care what happens in the Ozarks, but I'm glad Random House gave me the opportunity to read this book! Laura is an incredible storyteller and I truly hope this is only the start of a long, successful literary career for her! 

The Weight of Blood makes it's big debut on March 11th!
Grab your hardcover copy here!

Random House provided the amazing opportunity for me to read and review this book
  and(!) they are also giving away a copy to one of you lucky readers!
(Available to U.S. residents only)

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