About Me

Meet Jamie Pilgrim
Designer //  Developer // Photographer

Four years ago a fateful road trip has led me to living in Australia for three years. It initially started as visiting for six months while I took a hiatus from college, but naturally I became addicted. Instead of getting back on track with my education, I let that addiction consume another two and a half years. I was high on life, snorkeling the great barrier reef, watching sunsets on the beach, keeping Sydney bars in business and meeting the most inspiring and incredible people I know. 

It has been two years since I've lived in Sydney, where I am currently back home in the Midwest, planning my next adventure! On top of traveling, photography and web development/design keep me busy. 


Countries Traveled 
( So Far! )

Spain  /  Morocco  /  Canada  /  Australia  /  New Zealand   /  Germany  /  Belgium  /  Netherlands

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