Sunday, June 12, 2011

Guest post: Yvonne from half past wonderful

Hey again! I'm already day three into my Colorado visit and am mclooooovin' it! I can't wait to tell you guys all about it! BUT, before I do, I would like to introduce you to Yvonne who is going to "show" you around her little Canadian island

and despite what she says, she's not boring at all, and they way she drops her "eh's" is adorable!

Hey! I'm Yvonne. This is my first attempt at a guest blog post please, be patient with me! I have my very own blog (shocking, eh?) called HalfPastWonderful! It consists of horses, exercising (in particular Give to Live) and whatever else catches my fancy for the day. I am really not all that interesting so my introduction paragraph is pretty boring. Sorry.

Now, onto the topic at hand! Cape Breton (wow, it's very own Wikipedia page). It's a place I'm sort of fond of .. probably because it's the place where I grew up. It's a huge tourist destination due to how stunning the island is!

See? Stunning.
I wouldn't lie to you folks!

So, aside from it's good looks, what other reasons is there for coming to Cape Breton? Well, as a lifer I can honestly say ..I have no idea. Okay, kidding. I have some ideas. We have the World's Largest Fiddle. That is our second main claim to fame.

How cool is that?!
Not very, right?

So, if something that AWESOME is only coming in second place then what the heck is first place right? I know you can barely control yourself with the building suspense. Well, folks .. our biggest claim to fame is something amazing. It's a restaurant. I know, sounds boring so far. Keep reading. It's a chicken place with 2 things going for it:
1. Great chicken
2. Its name

That's right. I run / cycle / drive past this place at least 3 times a day.
I live super close to a legend. If you come to CB, you MUST eat here.

So, now we've covered that Cape Breton is beautiful and has a giant fiddle and some great chicken, what next? Well, there's lots of great local pubs and coffee shops that feature local music. The island has tons of musical talent and they have lots of venues to be showcased. If you come here, you basically have to go to one of these pubs and order your beverage of choice and enjoy a low key evening chatting with friends.

Aside from that, I'm pretty sure if they took a survey of the friendliest people in the world we would be number 1. Everyone on the island is super friendly and sometimes I forget that until I go elsewhere and realize how lucky we are here! It is so nice to be surrounded by people who are pleasant and polite. Such a rare trait outside of this rock!

So, before I leave you to book your trips .. I have to mention one thing: Cape Breton is COLD. It is an island. And not the tropical kind. So, don't book your trip from the months November - May. Or, if you do ... book with intentions of being FREEZING cold, stormed in at whatever hotel you're staying at and generally not having anything to do other than ski and wonder how we survive winters here with -30°C and no sunshine. Seriously. The sun sets at about 4PM in the winter.

A lot less appealing this way, eh?

So, that's it for Cape Breton. Well, not really ..there's lots more I could write about but this is getting long& my boyfriend just said he'd take me out for dinner! So, hurry and book your flights to my little island. We love visitors :D
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