Thursday, October 20, 2011


A fitted work tee
More often than not, when I work somewhere that I have to wear a uniform tee they seem to give me a men's large, because a 5' petite girl can pull off anything, right? No. Just stock s'more smalls por favor!  Fortunately after my second shift at the MX gig, they not only gave me a small, but an extra-small. I think that one is  a first!
 I am now into my second week into the MX job where I just stand there, look pretty and force commuters to take a paper. It's pretty amusing if you're a creeper people watcher like me. I've also noticed a couple Asian tourists "sneak" a photo of me and there is one dude at the juice station that gave me a generous discount yesterday. I kind of feel famous.

big pickings
Some sort of (non-poisonous) berry producing tree and lemon tree line our drive way which is pretty awesome. It basically means I don't have to pay anything and can get them in my pajamas. I just have to beat my duplex neighbor to them... 

Angry pastries
On my wednesdays I have a three hour lull between class and the MX job. I usually just draw, read, creep on people, have lunch with Jo or go for walk. This Wednesday's walk led me through China town or really just a pedestrian road of 90% Asian restaurants,  10% cheap, crappy cloths and souvenirs that you go through to get to paddy's markets from Darling harbor or vice versa (yes, that's a little tourist tip for ya).  Annnyway, I did happen upon this cute (and dirt cheap) bakery with their Angry Birds themed goods. Slingshot not included.

Jizz Fashions

Happy Wednesday!
(Well... Friday. Again.)
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