Thursday, November 3, 2011


Thin min....err, chocolate mint Tim Tams
The newest tim tam collection has a mint flavor that tastes JUST like the Girl Scout's Thin Mints. Fortunately these are sold year round and will most likely be a permanent fixture in my fridge. 

Yesterday morning I stood outside for the grand opening of the southern hemisphere's largest IKEA. It's a big deal, don't'cha'know. And it's only a few kilometers from my house. But more on that later. 

There is one little corner in the classroom that we've taken over and have our fun doing it. Leaning Tok pisin (it's a real language, look it up), having fun with Japanese candy, attempting korean, lunch dates, Starbucks runs and pretty much non-stop laughter. And somehow we still manage to get all our work done before everyone else. 

You want to know what's not winning? The fact neither Jo or I lighted any of the halloween themed candle holders we keep out year round or drank any of our lovely wisconsin-made hallowine (yes a pumpkin flavored wine meant to bed served warm. It's divine).

Again, I'm late. I've been a busy bee and hopefully the paychecks I get today prove just that! 

Have a happy... whatever this day actually is!
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