Sunday, December 18, 2011


Despite class being over, I've been kept busy with a few different jobs, like the one pictured above... being one of those awesome food samplers conveniently located in the crevices of your supermarket. But instead of having the usual baked good or yogurt cup I had to, get this, cook seafood.  

Yeah. Have I ever mentioned I never eat seafood and certainly never cooked it before. Fortunately it ended up not being so hard. And fortunately the food received quite a bit of compliments. I even didn't mind trying the octopus, although I think the garlic and oregano marinade it was in helped... a lot. I do, however, think the salmon in mustard and dill sauce will start making a regular appearance at home. I'm drooling just thinking about.

Anyway, not much else exciting going on in my life, just planning out what to do for Christmas and New Years Eve.  I'm just hoping the weather will pick up a bit in the next couple weeks. This non-stop rain is starting to get depressing. 
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