Thursday, February 9, 2012


That blessed day was the last I had to spend at my business course. 
This is good for several reasons...

I'm only two weeks away from a real education, with a real degree at a real institution. 
Can you tell I'm anxious?

My new instructor was driving me craaaaaazy. 
As the only native english speaker in our class I hope she got the hint when I opted out of her english lessons... especially in our business course. 

I'm pretty sure I learned everything they taught my first year of high school.  

I will admit, certain aspects will be missed...
Like the amazing friends I've made from all corners of the world, having plenty of time to look up videos of cute animals, the occasional free foooooood...
oh, and all the attention I get for being the only native english speaker.
I had a celebrity status there. Something that I may try and reestablish at UTS...

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