Thursday, December 5, 2013

Life Lately // Keeping up with the Pilgrim

I noticed I have a tendency to post things on this blog about a decade after they've happened. While that's not going to stop considering I have a whooooole lot more to share, I've decided to post more regularly about what is actually, currently going on in my life. Like most people right now, most of what is happening is preparing for Christmas while shouting profanity at the dropping temperatures. 

Those dropping temps didn't stop me from taking some impromptu photos outside and in the barn today, which are now being flashed all around the blog, several social media accounts and even inspired me to do a little revamp on this 'ole blog! There's still a couple things that need tweaking, but so far I'm happy with it!

On a less positive note, when the cold comes in, the wood stove that heats our house gets called into action. A couple days ago we had a pretty bad scare as our chimney caught on fire from the build-up of soot. While there was, fortunately, very little damage, the two-hours it took the firefighters who overtook our house to fully extinguish it were nerve wracking. There were literally flames shooting up and out over the roof and onto all the dry brush in the yard!

Other than that, not too much else is currently going on. Still at home looking for a job to bide the time with while Torsten and I plan for more adventures that will have us packing our bags in 2014! While nothing is official yet, I'm already getting a little stir-crazy after spending the past few months back at home.

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