Saturday, January 11, 2014

I Survived the Polar Vortex

Well. That happened. And thanks to weathermen sprucing up their lingo I can say I survived something that was much milder than it's name would suggest. I feel like a vortex should include time or space travel, but instead of hitchhiking across the galaxy, I just actually wore a hat for once. 

While we all still hate Southern California and their never-ending sunshine, the after-effects of the Antarctic temps were actually kind of cool. My town, along with a neighboring one, made the local news (with the Packers losing, they're out of their usual material) about the icebergs forming along the Lake Michigan shoreline. This whole post's photos flip-flop between Algoma and Kewauanee, both tiny towns that are passed through by the city-folks making their way from Chicago or Milwaukee up to Door County

On top of the ice formations, seeing the old-school charm of the town covered in snow is just as neat. In case you didn't look at that last photo carefully, that is an old bike that has a large basket in the back with a small plate reading "Smurfs ride free". My dreams will consist of nothing but this bike and it's decor from now on. And because I'm sure all of you guys will be running through the small town of Algoma, Wisconsin in the next few weeks, you can just pick this up for me. My birthday is the 31st, nod nod wink wink.

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