Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Road Less Traveled // #Tasmania

taken on maria island in tasmania, australia

I've been a little distracted lately with a potential plans of relocating. I wanted to take the time back home to save, and so far, I've been back a few months and no luck. If I'm going to be poor, I'd rather be doing it somewhere more interesting. I'm not going to give too much away since the plans are rough, but I've been looking up flights and Amtrak services out to reconnect with the Pacific!

While I'm trying my best to remain patient and calm about it all coming together, I've decided to go back and edit photos from my three-week road trip around Tasmania I was in the midst of this time last year. This island state of Australia is so overlooked we had all these amazing historical and natural attractions practically to ourselves, and in the middle of summer! 

Hang tight as those photos come to surface! That will be another test of my patience as those loads of photos are on my hard drive that only my old Macbook will read. I'd throw that computer out if it didn't have the only legal version of the Adobe Suite I own on it! Wish me luck!

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