Tuesday, February 4, 2014

#travel // Day Hiking Ontario, Canada

Our days in the vacant, rural side of Canada were winding down as we continued on the highway that would lead us into Toronto. Before hitting the big city, we had a couple final days hiking with the crisp, fresh air. While we had a grand ole time exploring hidden gems of rural Canada, we were getting ready to be back in civilization! 

 In case you're new here, this is part of a seemingly never-ending series about my autumn road trip, going around all five great lakes with my German boyfriend, Torsten. You can view pasts posts by clicking here

All these photos are a mash-up of all the random breaks taken during the long drive to stretch our legs, enjoy the views and hear the waves crash on shore. It's incredible to think our only other company on these walks were chipmunks and hawks. Even though the nights could be near freezing, we lucked out with having great, sunny weather for nearly all of our time in Canada. 

One of our final, longer hikes was to these falls (blanking on the name right nowl). Somehow we managed to veer off the official trail early on and were surprised how rugged it was, only to meetup with the actual trail three quarters into it. We didn't care so much as we had a squirrel accompany us for awhile and we had fun climbing around large, lichen covered rocks. I like to think we took the scenic route!

In the photos, the falls don't look like much, but between the width and ferocity of the water rushing through, they were actually pretty impressive. The day was sunny and warm enough where relaxing next to the falls was practically mandatory before heading back for another few hours in the van. 

As usual, we had to have one more secluded sunset before making our way into Toronto. From here on out our road trip exclusively led us through cites. Keep an eye our for Toronto, Niagara Falls, Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, Indianapolis and St. Louis! Like I said, this series is never ending! 

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