Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Australia Day

Every 26th of January the great people of Australia celebrate a holiday very similar to our 4th of July. While most people have barbecues, drink beer and watch the fireworks, Jo and I decided just to roam the free South Bank festivities held near the city.

Before we headed out we enjoyed some nice, beefy, Australia shaped burgers!

South Bank was stuffed! Here some peeps are being all cool watching a dive-in movie. I think speed racer was on.

This is a display I found rather amusing. They used their typical laundry lines to display some wee one's art work and flags.  In the background is the Aboriginal flag, which Jo recently found out is actually copyrighted to one man. Yes, this flag that is quite common and represents a group of people is copyrighted by one man. For an interesting story related to that, read this.

We were mostly walking around the entire time, but stopped and watched a few performances. This was definitely the most interesting.  It was a slam dunk team that was pretty funny.

And now for some displays of Aussie Pride!

Alright, now although this last one is funny due to the lady's cute little Aussie umbrella hat, I am more amused by the lady furthest on the right. Right now it is the middle of summer in Australia and it was VERY close to 90 degrees that day. This lady decided to go out in jeans and a black blazer! She's a whole lotta crazy if you ask me, I was sweating just sitting down in tank top and shorts!

After a while Jo and I decided to get something cold to drink and dip our feet in this here stream. It may look nice and peaceful, but there were plenty of little rascals splashing and throwing rocks around. Fortunately nobody was killed or injured in the process!

Lastly, here is me decked out in my Aussie gear :)
Aussie Day Fun Fact: I had to dance for that flag!
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