Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Adventure Time!

Today Jo's dad drove us by the border of Queensland and New South Wales to check out some good ole Aussie bush and sub-tropical rain-forest.  While on the trip a Wallaby AND a goanna ran out in front of the car, don't know what a goanna is you say? Well never fear, just click HERE and be seduced by the ugly beast.

Here you will notice a waterfall, or at least the top bit of it. Either way, I quite enjoyed it. We also stopped by this formation called the Natural Bridge, it was really neat but a bugger to take photos of. Instead, I'll give you a link! Click HEEEEEEERE!

The last bit of our day trip was seeing THE best of all views which turned out to live up to its name despite being very cloudy. It made for some purty cool pics especially in the bush walking up to the viewing area. It was like the setting of Lord of the Rings, mind you there were some 2,000 year old trees on the way

As lovely as the day was, I still haven't seen a live koala.
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