Monday, May 3, 2010

ANZAC Weekend part 2

Monday 5.3.10

After Sea World, Jo and I were whisked away to our accommodation for the night. Now, we sought the best of the best, none of that Holiday Inn or cheap motel nonsense for us! The best just happened to be at what it boasts about freely, the world's largest residential building, Q1. By the way, I didn't actually get any photos of the exterior, I just ripped this one off Google images :)  The rest, however, I assure you, I did take!

Our room was only half way up the building, on the 38th level, yet you could easily see the tops of all the other surrounding buildings.

The first thing I did when we entered was look outside. 

It was AMAZING with the sun just setting!

Here is some of the view during the daytime!

Everything looked so tiny!

This was our lounge room, as modeled by the fabulous Johari :)

The kitchen

The kitchen had the coolest dishwasher I've ever seen! It looked like an ordinary drawer, but when you pulled it out it made this cool little tune! And when you pushed the buttons it beebed. There were two, so of course I started making some awesome tunes with them!

It was even equipped with fancy kitchen tools. The middle most, bent spatula looking one made me confused. Jo reckons its purpose is for omelets.

Some complimentary tea and coffee :)

The dinnerware, keeping to the strict all white kitchen theme

Just to prove they were the fanciest accommodation on the block, they include a set of these nice boiled egg holder...things!

Jo modeling for some other views of our lounge

 Our sort of indoor balcony room? Not really sure what to call it. That was kind of disappointing since you could really only open four of the windows halfway. I like my balconies :(   But the rest of the place made me easily get over it, haha.

 With this great view I noticed how disappointing the tops of most buildings are, except for this building, the one closest to the beach, which is how I totally expect them to look!

Last, but not least, our bedroom with my bags all ready to go for the beach! See that cute polar bear one? It's the coolest recycle bag that I got from sea world :)
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