Monday, May 3, 2010

ANZAC Weekend part 3

Monday 5.3.10

I took this photo of the Australian coastline on the plane when I was first arriving to Australia. I was so excited to see some of the best beaches on this planet! We landed in the Gold Coast so while we were waiting for our bus I was teased with the sight of it! 

It's been four months since then and I'm first going to actually see and experience the real deal! After we checked out of our room we packed up the car and headed to a beach that wasn't Surfers Paradise, as nice as it looked it was a public holiday meaning more people than we wanted to bother with.

We stopped by one not nearly as famous, but just as nice and without a huge crowd, Burleigh Beach. I really only remember the name because it reminded me of the adjective, like farmers have burly wives :P

When we first got to the beach and were looking for nice spot I saw this cool dude with his metal detector! I totally snuck my little sony and snapped a picture. If you haven't noticed by now, simple things amuse me :)

 Immediately after we laid down our beach towel I ran into the ocean, even before I took out my camera. The weather was PERFECT! Sunny but not too hot, but hot enough for some swimming!

We got to the beach fairly early since we had to check out at 10 and only had breakfast in between. We got a really nice spot!  And, the beach we went too had a nice view of Surfers Paradise skyline!

Joey all squinty eyed from the sun! 

When we weren't playing in the water we made some pretty awesome sand sculptures! The sand was sooo nice and perfect!

Jo made this Whale that ended up turning into a shark or vice versa. I don't really remember. I think it was more, he was making a whale but I kept calling it a shark... Then we made whatever it is pretty with a little seashell ornament :)

This was probably my favorite sand fortress with moat and all

After I went Shell hunting I found one that I thought looked like a Care Bear skull. So I stuck on top of the fortress! Then with a paper cup I found rolling around I made a sand cupcake :D

Here was the whole lot, the other sort of building was kinda lame...

After lazying in the sun for a few hours and having fun in the ocean, we were fixing up to leave. But I made one last sandcastle....

That Jo destroyed using the bottle of sand I collected for a potential zen garden

Before leaving, I also made sure to leave my mark :)

And that kids, was my ANZAC weekend!

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