Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter wonderland

For the first time since I've been back we got a proper snow fall that gave those of us North Eastern Wisconsinites along Lake Michigan six inches of the fluffy white stuff.

Now, I wouldn't have minded this but it just had to happen the ONE day I had to wake up early and be somewhere. I told my sister I'd babysit for her and ended up getting to her house nearly a half an hour later than I was suppose to because I had to scrape 2+ inches of snow off my car then drive at 35 mph the entire 40 mile journey it takes to get there. Fun stuff...

Once I did manage to get to my sisters all was good and the rest of the day was spent watching Transformers, Despicable me and Toy Story 2...twice. All while hanging out in a dinosaur shaped tent.

During the more calm moments I would check up on the Brisbane floods and found out nothing much except for it water levels to increase. Today I even tried calling V Australia to get an estimate of how much it would cost to move my flight date back and got nothing because the call center is down in Brisbane.

I'm starting to make back-up plans, but I'm still optimistic about going to QUT in February. Lets hope the next month will treat me well!
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