Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Greetings from the Whitsundays!

I have now spent nearly two full days here in Airlie Beach and am having an absolute blast! It's fin-flipping-tastic and thanks to my nifty new waterproof camera I have plenty of photographic proof to show it! 

I've been keeping a very well detailed journal of all my adventures and hope to regurgitate some of it back on this blog once all my holiday fun is done with. Which, sadly, is only 3 days away! *tear*

Until then...
 I'll just tease you with a few of my favorite panorama shots thanks to the clever and insanely easy mode on the new camera!

Top, Sunset while we ate at the Hog Breath Cafe Middle, overlooking the section of Great Barrier Reef we went snorkeling in, Bottom, in the water mesmerized by the coral and fishes. 
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