Monday, March 21, 2011

Whitsunday Trip: Back on the Road

Once we woke up and checked out of our 3 start hotel in Rockhampton we noticed immediately that the sky did not look at all promising. And sure enough once we started driving we hit several severe rain storms. But before we started our journey again I had my very first meal at The Coffee Club. Now these restaurants are littered alllllll over Brisbane but considering a meal for two costs enough to feed some African tribal town for a week I've never bothered going. I will admit, my poached eggs on turkish bread with avocado and cheese was delicious but I think it will remain a luxury on my poor uni student budget.

We continued on with even less selection in music stations and less variation in scenery. Occasionally we came across a few lonely cattle ranches where the cows just seemed to be wandering in these endless acres of pastures. Eventually we stumbled upon a gem of the otherwise dinky, drab petrols stations tourist stops. This one was called the Exotic Fruit Garden and despite it having no sign of any fruit or garden, it did have this lovely lily-pad invested lagoon that we happily enjoyed a pot of tea at.

After that refreshing stop we drove non-stop to Airlie Beach! And at 4 pm we finally arrived and checked into our resort which definitely earned all four of its stars. The rest of the night was pretty un-eventful. We wandered around and saw what main street Airlie had to offer, had some always delicious Indian curry and wrapped the night off with New Zealand Natural ice cream. And yes, I am aware that I have some freakish anime eye going on in that ice cream photo. Don't be hating.
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