Sunday, March 20, 2011

Whitsunday Trip: Sweet Beginnings

All of Saturday was pretty much spent on the road. But when you're in a different country that has a much different landscape then the homeland, it makes for an interesting few hours. Unfortunately our drive was a total of twelve hours...

So I made myself cozy in the front seat with a magazine, journal, camera and ebook reader. Our first rest stop of the trip was at a quaint little petrol station that had this massive welcome mat. I envision one of those at the front of my mansion one day, classy eh? 

As we drove along the highway we were constantly reminded of ways not to die in a tragic, fiery car crash, and apparently trivia is the answer! They also had a few electronic signs that flashed "BACK OFF NOW" if you happened to be tailgating. Unfortunately there wasn't much else to keep us amused seeing as most of the time we were lucky if we could find one radio station that wasn't fuzzy and played decent music.  

Nearly eight to nine hours of being on the road we stopped at a supposed three start hotel in Rockhampton. We immediately could tell we were getting closer to the tropic region of Queensland. It was extremely muggy at 8:30 at night. Everything in our room had that moist feeling that only comes with summertime humidity. Blasting the aircon as high as we could didn't even drive it away. 

Aside from that, this hotel definitely had class, I mean pink fairy tissue boxes, salt and pepper shakes that had a very noticeable price tag left on and a few area bugs kept us company. Hilton and The Ritz have nothing on you babe!
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