Saturday, March 26, 2011

Whitsundays Trip: Daydreaming [with video]

On Wednesday Jo and I took a day trip to Daydream Island. It's a tiny resort island just off the mainland that takes only a 30 minute boat ride. While we were approaching the island we were greeted by three very promiscuous looking mermaids on the north side of the island. And by promiscuous I mean instead of a nice wave they just flash around their giant exposed breasts.

 As we disembarked the boat and walked up the dock there was a lady greeting guests with sea shell necklaces. I, of course, tried nudging my way to get one but was turned down once we told her we were day visitors. Then she basically shoed us vermin day visitors off to the south side of the island.

So we made our way to the bustling south side where absolutely nothing was open aside from their rumored million-dollar mini golf course. It was a very well made course highlighting all of Australia's greatest destinations with giant figurines, we just didn't feel like forking $20 a person. We figured maybe it was just a bit early and made our way to the rainforest walk. It was pretty decent despite there being no signs of wildlife and we couldn't avoid the huge puddles of mud and were hot messes with the humidity as you'd expect there to be in a rainforest. There were a few gorgeous views we came across that made up for all it.

The path ended up near an absolutely gorgeous looking beach where we spotted a few kangaroos lounging in the sun. We decided to stop and have a bite to eat. As soon as we started preparing the kangaroos all came hoping our way and one little bugger snatched a piece of my bread. Then we were entertained for a while watching them fight and hiss over it.  Yes, kangaroos hiss. I was just as baffled.

After we finished our food and the 'roos hopped away we stepped into the clear water of the beach, mostly to clean our feet of the mud from the rainforest walk. No swimming happened due to it being Jellyfish season and in place of sand there was what appeared to be pieces of dead broken coral. As pretty as it was it was a pain to step barefoot on, and a few may have 'accidently' made their way into my bag...oops.

This beach wasn't too far from the north side where the actual resort was located along with a nicer, sandier beach, bigger pool, open restaurants and in general just more activity. They also had this impressive man-made reef that had many of the same critters as in the Great Barrier Reef, like this here shark.

We then wandered to the pool and came across a couple of guys giving free diving lessons that we couldn't resist. We pretended we were guests of the resort and enjoyed the lesson in the pool. At the end they made an offer to join them for the real diving later that day (at a lovely cost of course) and we, being resort guests of course, said we'd come back later that week.

We walked away laughing to revisit the south side and see if anything had opened. When we arrived they had one shop open, a juice and booze bar and a poorly stocked bakery. Everything else remain closed. We had a ridicously small-sized,  juice that was 3/4 ice annnnd for $6. We were impressed.

We headed back to the north side, pretended we were guests and dined on delicious food at the Mermaid Cafe and then ended the day with a dip in the pool. As we were waiting for our boat to bring us back to the mainland I noticed on the back of our ticket they listed a few restrictions. For example; day visitors were strictly restricted from the north side... whoops. We actually didn't know we weren't suppose to be there. Good thing Jo played along with everyone like we were guests! I don't think the trip would have been as exciting if we hadn't!

This video is evidence that I did in fact have half my lunch stolen by a kangaroo. They better be lucky they are so darn cute!
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