Monday, April 18, 2011

Making the most of Oz!

Yup, its that time again. I am preparing myself for yet another string of 5 flights, one of which is 12+ hours, to go back home to sweet 'ole Wisconsin. This past week has kept me busy with a fellow co-worker taking me out to a legit Korean restaurant. If anyone can guess what dish I'm making a scrunchy face at in photo one I'll be impressed! 

Later I had a fare-the-well party with several girls I work with and wrapped up the weekend on the gold coast getting in some sand, sun and waves before Wisconsin hits me with its wind, mud and "dairy air".

Of course I couldn't leave without chudding out on all the fine cuisine that Australia has to offer, can we say way too many curries, boosts, kebabs and Baskin Robin's french toast ice cream?

Aaaaaand to top it all off, Jo and I completed all of series three of the mini figures! We are probably like $100 poorer from it, but we are 100% proud!

I'll go into more details later, but it's past midnight here and it's six hours until my first flight! Once I make it to the fourth flight I'll be in San Francisco! You have no idea how I've been longing to visit that city and it only cost me $15 more through my VAustralia flight! 

Now for some sleep! Talk to you peeps later!


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