Saturday, April 9, 2011

Whitsunday Trip: Bringing it home

Friday was the last day of our trip, cue tears...many many tears. We woke up extra early and spent a whopping 12 hours on the road straight back to Brisbane. And to be completely honest, I'm pretty sure I slept 68% of the time. 

Early into the drive, and by early I mean 3-4 hours in, we paid a visit to the Exotic Fruit Garden again. You know, the tourist stop, that despite the name, had no signs of any actual fruits...  it did have some delicious homemade ice cream that we gave a try. I still have sweet dreams of the banana cinnamon. 

The rest of the drive was spent driving through the bush with nothing much to look at, barely any radio stations, and only one new trivia question. I think the only thing that kept Jo entertained was pretending the people that we'd be following for long stretches were our amigos. They'd dodge caravans and huge logging trucks together, slowed down to let all the Ford Falcons pass, and occasionally stop at the same petrol station. 

When we were greeted with a town we noticed some of their local gems, like the small bridges with rather intricate architecture and crocodiles mounted over hotel entryways. They were only small distractions from my sulking about leaving the Whitsundays. Just 24 hours earlier I was snorkeling and swimming next to all sorts of stunning reefs with their tropical fishes and white sandy beaches...

And now it was all over, only to be relived in photographs and this blog. Our last stop before we got back home was at a 24 hour restaurant that used hideous rainbow gradients as backgrounds for its signs and menus. There I figured the best way to end this very Aussie adventure would be with an Aussie burger with the works. Click here if you wish to be enlightened with this monster of all burgers. If you're lucky enough to get you're mouth around it it is super tasty!

And so ended my epic Whitsunday trip. I hope you all enjoyed reliving my adventures with me! Stay turned these next couple weeks where I'll be heading back to America just before Easter. I plan on staying in San Francisco for a couple of days before heading home to Wisconsin. If you guys have any suggestions of must sees lemme know!


(sorry for taking so long to post this, I had internet issues for a few days. Although I did make a snazzy new header with the spare time! Hope it makes up for my absence! Let me know what you think!)
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