Thursday, May 5, 2011

I love phone calls

I received the most exciting call today informing me the application I had sent out last week for a full scholarship to attend an art class at a nearby art school has been approved! Woo!  The best part of this art school that it is located in the most artistic, gorgeous part of Wisconsin; Door County. 

I had the same scholarship the summer after I graduated high school. I did an oil class that time where I was easily the youngest and easily could have been alllllll those old ladies' granddaughter. It was a lot of fun though, and this time I'm going to take a watercolor class, which is my favorite traditional medium! Go me!

It is only a three day class, but it takes at least a good two hours to travel up there from my house and they go from 8am-4pm, soooo it gives me a wonderful opportunity to book a campsite. The only downside, I discovered, is it's during Memorial Day weekend which basically is one of the biggest camping weekends there is. There sadly were no openings in my favorite state park (pictured above from when I last had a class there). I had to resort to a little campground with no scenic water views, trails or well any sort of attractions. 

It still has me very excited and I can't wait to spend my nights at the Skyway Drive-in Theater, or take bike rides along the lake and visit all the cute shops and cafes!


p.s. I'm sorting through my 2nd day of San Fransico photos right now... there are a lot. It may take me  while aaaaand be LOADED with photos. Just sayin'

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