Monday, May 9, 2011

Unicorn Hunting

Yesterday, before the family came over to celebrate mother's day dinner, I agreed to watch my four-year old niece, Angelina, during the day. It was a surprisingly gorgeous day so I instantly started plotting ways to get her outside and distract her from trying to steal my jewelry, like she always does and did later that night anyway...

ANYWAY, my mom and I picked her up that morning and as we were coming up the driveway I told her there were unicorns in the woods. Her face light up and before I knew it she was bouncing around anticipating a "unicorn hunt". So we grabbed my camera, a sketchbook and pen to keep track of all our discoveries along the way and set out with our trusty guide, Sadie. 

We were first greeted by the unmistakable sounds of woodpecker going to town on a tree just a few yards away. As far as wildlife we really only saw birds, like canadian geese and a hawk. Although Angelina apparently saw several bunnies, one of which tripped her with it's ear. I think we were battling to see who had the biggest imagination that day. 

We ended up going back home after nearly two hours with no unicorn sightings. Although we did find this neat little clump of woodpecker feathers and I taught her how to pee in the woods!

 I think the excursion was a win.


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