Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Winning Wednesday: Colorado edition

Hey guys! So my time in Colorado has concluded, and in perfect time to dedicate this week's Winning Wednesday to it! It is going to be a bit rushed seeing as I'm now in San Francisco and kinda wanna not look like a loser in the hostel who has nothing better to do then spend her time on the computer.... yeeeeah. Story of my life.

 here it is! 

 Rock Formations
I think the photos speak for themselves. This place is gorgeous! If you are in Colorado you cannot pass up the Garden of the Gods.

Random Donkeys
That's right. This dude was just standing out in the middle of nowhere on a gravel road. Might I mention just about EVERYTHING here has a gorgeous view!

 Cave Dwellings
Exploring old school Native American dwellings that were carved out of the mountains? I was in.

 Horseback riding the Rockies
Gorgeous views and encountering a little baby elk like creature are definitely a win. I don't remember what it was but it was adorable and kept giving the horses kisses. We only picked it up because the dogs following us were attacking it and it's mom was no where to be seen.

I ended up nicknaming my horse the pokey little pony because it would try to get ahead then get distracted 5 minutes later... mostly for food. He was a cute at least, and isn't that all that really matters?

 Mountian pussytoes
I'm mature.

The town of golden is home to the Coors brewery which treats you to three generous size beers of your choosing and a restaurant where the waiter insists you down two tequila shots for dessert on the house. It's my kind of town. 

 Wresting a Great Dane
I did it just about all the downtime we spent at my friend's house. 

Not winning?
Coronita Rita
I actually passed one of these up. I'm pretty ashamed of myself...

Memoirs of a pilgrim
You know what to do ;)

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