Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oh hello there Sydney!

 I know I'm a little late to the punch (three days), but Jo and I are finally here in Sydney!

After thirteen hours of driving being fit into two days (thanks to the guidance of our new GPS) we arrived bright and early on Saturday to the first of many rental unit inspections.

Saturday was spent being lazy in our hotel and bickering about whether or not we should settle for that unit. It's pretty dumpy, but it's in a super awesome area. And by super awesome I mean an easy few minutes walking distance to a beach with wicked waves and flocks of wild cockatoos. Yeah, I know. Like I'd be spending much time in the apartment when I have that waiting down the street for me. 

But this week I've had a look at a few other units that have been significantly better, but scattered around different, near beach, locations. The only problem is getting replies out of the real estate agents. We've already been approved for the dingy one and will have to take it if no one else gives us a definite "yes". 

A wonderful dilemma, I know. But the bright side is that it will only be for seven months. And even more unfortunate news hit me today when I realized I have no idea how I'm going to finance the six month course I was going to take here just for the sake of getting a student visa relatively soon and being able to work.  So it's back to the drawing board on that one. Either find $6,000 just lying around or find a school that offers a six-week course starting next month that my go-to financial institute in America is in connection with. Trust me, it's as frustrating as it sounds. 

Among all that drama there is the surprise of realizing the Harry Potter Midnight premier is tonight here in Australia! Yes, Jo and I just realized this within the past ten minutes. We've had the tickets for ages but thought it was tomorrow night. I know, what bright folks we are!

So I guess I catch you tomorrow all sleep depriveeeeed... oh wait, there's no job to wake up to anymore! 
So I'll catch you tomorrow well rested and with a Sydney inspired WW! 


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