Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Winning Wednesday: Sydney beginnings

I've officially been in Sydney for five whole days and am already falling crazy in love with it. As far as major world cities go, I think this is the place to be. If you need any convincing, I'll let the following six weekly winning events do it for me....

It's Icons
The opera house, harbor bridge, Luna park, a bustling city centre, beaches galore, ect ect ect! I cannot wait to explore them all along with all the traveling exhibitions that make stops here, liiiiike the Harry potter exhibition coming in November! 

City Rail
It's super easy, has a fairy efficient time table and the carriages are double decked with seats you can flip for the direction of travel you are going in. Genius Sydney, genius. 

Market City/paddy's Markets
If you are in the area and have an aching for Ugg boots, go no further than paddy's Markets. Seriously though, this venue whose bottom floor is chock full of cluttered market stalls, first floor has the hottest factory outlet stores and a hefty food court where you can satisfy your coffee cravings with a $2 cuppa jo. Along with a quarter of the stalls carrying Uggs, there are all sorts of satisfactory souvenirs, apparel of all sorts, asian inspired goodies and heaps of bags to carry them away in. 

THE midnight premier
On that note, yes, we joined the crowds, got our potter frame 3D glasses, poster and watched in awe as it all [cinematically] ended. It was surprisingly good in 3D and I am all for the crowds that gather for premiers. They are by far the best to watch the harry potter movies with, they laugh at all the right moments, cheer and clap during the victorious scenes and the crowds at this Sydney theater did not disappoint! 

Gaga madness
Taking the spotlight of the final Harry potter film was Lady Gaga. It looks like we arrived on the same weekend and all around Sydney are all sorts of her "little monsters" dressed to please. I ran into the crowd outside Town Hall where she later had a  performance. Unfortunately I didn't get any decent photos of the crowd, but I can assure you, they were very "gaga-licous".

Our new pad!
As it turned out, my determination to find a spiffier unit has paid off; we've  been approved for this beauty! 
It's a "semi-duplex cottage" with brick, stain glass windows and the best old school accents inside, including an old fireplace! And better yet, 600 metres from the beach! It's not the one I mentioned in the last post, but its only a 20 minute train ride away, so you won't hear me complain. 

Everything is starting to come together (*fingers crossed*) and it's making me all giddy to get settled down, start up classes, get a job and immerse myself in this city has to offer.

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