Friday, July 1, 2011

Winning Wednesday: Byron Bay edition

I'm here yet again to bring you a travel themed winning wednesday. This past weekend Jo and I drove down to Byron Bay. It's a huge backpacker stop for those traveling in Australia, which means hostels galore and good, cheap digs alongside all the million dollar mansions and scattered art galleries. In other words, My kind of place :)

Also, my apologizes for posting it so late. I actually did start working on it on Wednesday but have been having major blogger issues... surprise there. Annnnnyway here it is! 

The REAL surfers paradise
The Gold Coast may hold the name for their most popular beach, but here in Byron there are easily bigger surf crowds all throughout the day and along the coast. The best park of the night was just watching all the surfers amoughst the sun setting behind the mountians. 

Gelato on the beach
Uhm. Yummm. With the beach only a 5 minute walk away from the town center, it was the perfect excuse to get takeaway and  plop down in the sun with the sand in your feet. 

Sand Graffiti
There was on particular beach that had it allllll over, and very large as to see from all the overlooks. You could tell several were left by American's due to the daddy theme (America's father's day was the weekend prior). Jo and I may have left our own impression. 

Great views
If your online dating profile interests reads going for long walks on the beach, then you need to get your booty here. There are long stretches of gorgeous coast line and some of the greatest views I've seen. EVERYTHING looks like it'd make a great painting... which I like to justify with why I took sooooo many photos! 

Kombi vans 
They set a pretty surfer-cool mood and they're everywhere in Byron, including the local art! 

What I mean is that even in the prime of winter here, it still have 80 degree days. Ain't it redic? It was definitely a day for the sunnies.  Australia, where have you been all my life with I was battling ice slicked roads and negative 30 degree winds?

Driving there in style
This was our very first road trip in Jo's new wheels and I must admit, it beats dealing with time tables and bogans (the Australian equivalent of hicks) on trains and busses. 

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