Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Winning Wednesday: San Francisco Editon

Here it is folks, the highlights of the last several days I spent in San Francisco presented in Winning Wednesday form. I'm now back in Brisbane, but had fun reminiscing over these while huddled inside blasting the heat. 
Who let Australia have winter? 

Anyway, here it is! All that was winning in San Fran....

Because where else can you find x-rated fortune cookies and fresh watermelon juice within walking distance?

A Surprise Banksy
I had no idea he'd hit up San Fran but was pleasantly surprised when I spotted this fiberglass protected beauty. 

Speaking of surprises, I stumbled upon this local Chocolate factory while strolling along the piers. They're a very modern inspired company that even uses an iphone app to control their machinery.  This company not only takes their chocolate VERY seriously, but they're also fair trade and organic. That's my kind of chocolate.

It's the place to go if you're into dark chocolate (their specialty)! Sign up for their free tour (at 10am or 2pm) and get spoiled with a ton of free samples. 

Among the many parks littered across this city, I'd like to highlight the Golden Gate park just because it's that awesome. It's heavily wooded, holds some great museums/conservatories, and has many themed parks within the park. It's huge and you could spend days just trying to cover the entirety of it.

I have yet to do that, but between my two recent trips I've gotten at least a fair bit of the free attractions covered, Like the Japanese tea garden and rose garden gleaming ever so brightly in the photos above.

Public transport
From the "World Famous Cable Cars" to the BART and  retro street cars, this city has you covered for practically anywhere you want to go, and in style. I like to think you can judge a city a lot by the transport it offers, and this city has yet again topped my list. 

THIS homeless guy
Sometimes you get sick of seeing the ones sitting there, looking sorry for themselves and hating the world, instead this dude decided to liven things up and attempt to scare folks behind his makeshift bush. I liked his thinking, and I think he liked my quarter. 

This was also 5 minutes after I ran into a group of those traveling homeless teens with their dogs who held signs saying "smile if you masturbate". Regardless of whether you have or not, how could you NOT smile... it was pretty hilarious watching all those unfortunate individuals they singled out. 

Watching the sunset on Alcatraz
For my final night in San Francisco I did the night tour of the infamous retired high security prison island, Alcatraz. It was beautiful and the best way to wrap up my trip

And if you're ever in SF, you cannot pass up Alcatraz. It's such a gorgeous island with an insane amount of  history. 

So there you have it. San Francisco, take two, was a huge success with a heaping pile of even more amazing traveling adventures. 

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