Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Winning Wednesday

Slack course
For once in my life I have become that classmate that. You know the one. The one that seems to be annoyingly and effortlessly ahead of everyone else. And that's even with me facebook creeping and pinning cute animals half the time. I seriously have no idea what the rest of the class is doing. By the time I completely finished my assessments some hadn't even started and no one else was even remotely close to finishing, and that was with over 20 hours of scheduled class time past us. 

Lets just say the past two days I've done nothing in class except read blogs and find new project inspirations via pintrest. Win? I think so. 

Free Download Goodies
During some of this blog reading I found this cool site that has heaps of really cool blogging downloads. It ranges from cool picture frames to neat fonts and pretty tape strip decals And all fo' free! Check it out here! 

Yes, it's a words with friends ripoff, or vice versa not really sure. But it's the only equivalent I could find in my android market. At least this squirrel(?) has heard of it. And, like I mentioned above. I have lots of time to kill in said classroom. 

Now I just need to work on not getting my ass whopped. Every. Single. Time. 
Except once. 

How freakin' gorgeous this day is!
As soon as I came home from my course I shed the jeans and sweater for shorts and a tank. Then proceeded to blast some Barbra Streisand (the song, not the lady) with the windows open and started writing this here post. Bliss? I think so. 

With that being said...
I feel summer creeping in (technically spring, but we all know that's a joke seeing as it's pretty much feels like summer here year round) and with that the excitement of hitting up the local beaches the way they should be hit up is rising. Can we say snorkeling, swimming and boogie-board galore?

Orange Mocha Frappuccino!
Oh it exists my friends and I had one today on a Starbucks trip with some fellow classmates. Despite the combination of orange and chocolate being fairly common around Australia (also known as "jaffa"), I believe this was a Derek Zoolander inspiration. 
By the way, I'm pretty sure it's mandatory to pull "blue steel" with every sip. Of which  I think it goes without saying that I definitely did. 

(or peach, which is what I'd written initially... same diff?)
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