Monday, September 26, 2011

What I've been up to

During my three week break of which is nearly half over, *sob*, I set the goal to make a decent amount of artworks to bulk up the Etsy shop a bit. I'll admit with what I have made I think I'm only willing to part with half, and the other half will remain gracing the walls of my humble abode. 

My art supplies, in Australia at least, are fairly limited so I've been experimenting a bit and trying a few new styles. My favorites are easily the old book page sketches. I can take them all over [mainly beaches and darling harbor] and the initial cost is pocket change... literally, they have dollar and two dollar coins here. Fortunately I already had the archival pigment liner pens. 

Now, I'm going to head back and make some more pretty little pieces. Be sure to check out the etsy shop in the next couple weeks! 
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