Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Winning Wednesday

Finishing Heather's pics
Hence my return and the slight delay on this WW! But as of now all I have to do is burn them to a disc and send them on to my dearest little Wisconsin. And hold tight as I'll be dedicating a post of my favorites soon ;)

Getting a 100 rupee tip
Yup, after a crazy long day working at the ice creamery (of which I have a bright and sunny father's day to thank) I was tipped with 100 Indian rupee as a "souvenir". Because apparently when you serve ice cream to in middle-aged Indian man it's pretty much the same thing as going to India.  Even so I did the math and it's still worth $2 in Australia. Not bad.

Discovering Seagulls do not like gelato
All three days this week I've been let out of my course before noon, and while that's all awesome it gave me several hours to figure out something to do before I met up with Jo for lunch. Oh the dilema, I know. Fortunately there is Darling Harbour  and it's conveniently nestled between Jo's work and my school. As lovely as it is, the  birds are vicious, and don't like gelato as a couple of my classmates and I discovered. Despite that they still won't back off. And they have crazy eyes.
(In the photo the 'gulls were taunted with bread solely for photographic purposes) 

I've been admitted!
And I've been especially slack with this honor. I haven't even been sorted yet.
Go back ten years and you would've had trouble prying me from this.
Oh, how the times have changed.
And by that, I mean I actually have a life now.

Dresses from Shabby Apple
Shabby Apple 
See that flashy new button in the upper right hand corner? This week the fine folks of Shabby Apple contacted me to join their force and support the movement of adorning ladies in incredible adorable clothing. I gratefully accepted and now you have an easy gateway into all that is winning in ladies fashion (Sorry dudes)!

There you have it, all that was winning in my week...or two! Now I'm going to go take advantage of the gorgeous spring weather this fine morning has brought me and go for a run! Tah! 
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