Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend happenings

 I pretty much just strangled metal dancing crane fixtures for the pure sick pleasure it gives me. 

 Okay, I lie. On Saturday I also made this old man's 32nd* birthday the way any loving, unemployed girlfriend would; with a homemade card, nice breakfast and leaving him alone to watch the Red Sox vs Yankees game in the morning and the Wallabies vs All Blacks at night... of which both of his teams lost. 

*whoops, have I never mentioned our 10 year age gap? 

 On Sunday we went in the city and explored Darling Harbour, also known as the place that Jo constantly brags about being able to see from his desk at work. This harbour actually has a lot going on, as demonstrated by mess of directional pointy signs. 

 All along the harbour and it's parks are some of the coolest fountains, this one being my favorite. It was especially fun walking down the spiral decline to the middle. It was pretty calm that day, but I can only imagine how packed this area is going to be come summer time. Makes me a slightly more glad we did move to Sydney before all the summer crowds kick in. 

 We mostly just walked around realizing how more fun it'd be if we actually had money (btw: if all goes well I will be starting classes and be legal to employ in a weeks time!). In the meantime we just took note of all that looked appealing, like the aquarium and wildlife world that currently are invaded by giant lego statues (!!!) and the Lindt chocolate cafe with a plethora of everything heaping of chocolate and deliciousness like those there macarons.  

We also swung past Chinatown which was really nothing much but a whole street full of Asian restaurants and cheap Sydney souvenirs. There was this huuuuuge line running out of this little window stall selling 30c cream puffs that we fully intend of hitting up. Mind you, we did have 30c, just not the patience for the line. 

On our way to Darling Harbour we did stop at this British lolly shop, tried a few yummy bon-bons and ended up buying steak and onion chips. We only realized afterwards how backwards that was. 

And of course the obligatory couple shot with his "DKNY all up in my eye". 
Yes, whenever he wears that shirt my inner Will Smith come out. 
Now go get jiggy with it. 
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