Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Winning Wednesday

The start of something great
Okay, so that's a slightly profound way of saying I already have a three week break from my course.  And how did I decide to kick it off?

By taking a little detour to one of the most popular beaches on the planet; Bondi Beach.  My decision was influenced by the absolutely gorgeous weather we've been getting! In only the second week of spring there are highs of 75-80F (21-26C) degrees.

In Wisconsin you'd be lucky if the snow was gone after a month into spring. 

Reading on the Harbor 
In the last few days of class before my break began we were let out ridiculously early, leaving me with plenty of time to bust out the sony ebook and read alongside all the fanny-pack adorned tourists at Darling Harbour. 

Lacoste Shoes
One of the best things about living in the city? A wrong turn can lead into finding a 50-70% storewide sale at Lacoste. Thanks to the boy I scored these babies for $35.

Another wrong turn
While wandering about the city in scope of another job I ended up getting offered a free, and humungo, sunday. As if I'd say no, even if it means I look like a fatty while mowing this sucker down by myself. (I only got a quarter of the way)

A happy little accident 
On my way to beg for a job at Luna park I got off at the wrong ferry stop and had to wait another 30 minutes for the next one. As you can tell I didn't mind much with that view.
Note: Gorrillapod and remote should be carried at all times. It's worth the inconvenience of having to carry a larger bag.

Happy Wednesday!

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