Sunday, October 2, 2011


Remember how the land scenes of Finding Nemo were set in Sydney? And remember how they had those totally bat-shit crazy seagulls?

If not, let this clip refresh you...

And yes, it is a very accurate depiction of the local birds, and unfortunately is not limited to seagulls, but also includes the ibis. As you may know Australia has some pretty funky wildlife, and the ibis is a fine example. And no, you won't find them in a zoo or wildlife sanctuary, you'll find them EVERYWHERE...

like in Darling Harbour, where I like to chill out, draw, read and/or  people watch.  Occasionally I get harassed by one of these guys with it's 5-inch beak prodding just about everywhere it can prod... and almost running off with my week's public transport ticket after it picks my nose.

Now back to seagulls;
This past week Jo and I grabbed burgers at the habour where the seagulls were feeling particularly psychotic by swooping and knocking into our heads, and one made a grab at my [chicken] burger. Then,  just as I was about to take my last bite one swooped down and took it out of my hand literally seconds before I would have finished it off. I may have had the urge to throw my shoe at it and break its neck, but that probably wouldn't settle well with the whole "Animals have feelings" image I mildly try to portray.

Moral of the story?
Everyone will try to scare you with all the poisonous spiders, jellyfish, powerful crocodiles and drop bears, but I'll guarantee you the average visitor has more trouble with these guys then the former. So if you're ever in town, beware of those dodgy, Aussie birds.
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