Sunday, November 13, 2011


(Yup, that red'n'black blog is THE Tiger woods courtesy of my camera phone)

Firstly, please excuse my whinging in the last post. 
Aside for the couple of days of treacherous humidity, it died down by the time the weekend hit. Which was fine by me because my first nice paycheck deposited in my bank account and the boyf and I hit the city to spend it. The good thing about being poor for months on end is that a $120 feels like a full flung shopping spree (keep in mind everything in Oz is about 2x the amount in the U.S.). I'm sure I'll show off all my goods in a coming post ;)

Now I'm sure your wondering why I've posted a photo of Tiger. 
I have never before expressed interest in golf via this blog before, but I'm sure I'll surprise you with the fact that just as with any sport, golf has absolutely no appeal to me. I have just been getting some nice promotion gigs lately via my newspaper-handing-out job. This particular one had me armed with an ipad and going up to all the polo-clad golf fanatics at the Australian Open pga event for their deits. Easy as and I got to see some big name golfers I've never heard of before, and, of course, pig out at a free lunch along all the other pga officials. It was enough to make any golf nerds jelly. 
Too bad I don't know many. Or any really.
Good thing I had a Tiger sighting to brag about. 


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