Tuesday, November 22, 2011


As evidenced by these photos, this weekend was pretty awesome. 

After Jo and I got off work we headed to the Village Bizarre night markets. After getting off the train we were first greeted with the sun setting over the Opera house and the harbour bridge with a huuuuuge cruise ship docked nearby. We walked right past it and I don't think I've ever been that close to one before. I've never felt so tiny in my life... and that's coming to someone standing at 5'.

The stalls themselves were nothing special, mostly just the same ones that are there every saturday, however the free entertainment that went along with them were pretty awesome. Although he may deny it, I even got Jo to "try" hula-hooping. That 3 seconds of awkward wiggling were worth it.

As any good weekend day should, we made a trip to IKEA to fetch a canvas print I've been after for a while. Go figure the day I actual intend on buying it the self was empty... the only empty shelf in that section. After a few moments of pouting I got distracted by the marketplace and got a bag of meatballs, hotdogs and moose shaped pasta to get over it. 

With summer coming the days are nice and long which left us with plenty of time to head to Cronulla and boogie board and lay in the sun. 

Lazy day. 
The gorgeous weather hung around just long enough to dry our laundry we did that morning. Then the rain clouds came rolling in which I actually welcomed whole heartily since I was working that night. Bad weather = slow times at the ice creamery. The timing was perfect and I had an easy shift that night. 

More weekends should get the memo and be like this...
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