Saturday, November 19, 2011


As promised I am going to educate all you non-Aussie and Kiwis of the "joy" that is Vegemite.

I'll kick-off with what Obama has to say about the iconic Aussie spread...
Don't you just love the he says smeared (and dunnit). hah. Anyway I think any foreigner would agree. Vegemite is a whole lot of nasty. I've given it a fair go a few times now and my opinion remains the same. Aussies and Kiwis will just tell you it's an acquired taste.

But if you're in Australia and ever want to try some and don't want to spend $6 on a whole jar, go to  Macca's (McDonalds). Most have free single serve containers of them sitting out, otherwise just ask. You'll also have to ask for ketchup, you can actually get away with saying ketchup there since Heinz provides it. Everywhere else you'll have to say tomato sauce and sometimes you have to pay for it, but don't bother at KFC because theirs is nasty.

This is all important if you're going to travel here. You should be taking notes.

Also, if you do ever decide to try it, it's meant to be applied very thinly on bread. Think of it like wasabi, less is more.
More tolerable that is.

Yes, it really looks like that. Appetizing, eh? 
I hope I just ruined your lunch.

On the other hand, if you decide to fly south for the winter, get yourself some Milo, the powder kind. Because THAT is delicious. And best made with cold milk where 80% of won't dissolve but instead cluster on the top and be all crunchy and yumm. If you want to make it even better add a pack of Tim Tams and your set for all that is delicious in Oz.

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