Monday, December 26, 2011


The day started off better than expected; Australia proved me wrong when I woke up just in time to "A Christmas Story" starting and to be complimented with a Cadbury chocolate yule log breakfast. After all,  tis the season to be a fatty... although I think it's wrong how it coincides with bikini season here. 

 While all you nothern-hemispher-ers may wish for a white Christmas, everyone here wishes for a sunny christmas to hit the beach for a good 'ole summer barbie, and this year santa was generous. The rain took a break and even Brighton beach was packed with views of wind surfers, Lamborghini & Ferrari sightings, and sea-shell collecting. Both sea-shell collecting sand writing are mandatory for every beach visit, even if this beach is only a 5 minute walk from your house. 
I'm still new to this. Oceans excite me.

On the way home we got a pizza and continued to tackle out Lord of the Rings extended edition blurays. Don't worry, turkey was had later night, along with more yule log. And more Lord of the Rings. 

 While the rest of this holiday may have been unconventional for me, Christmas would not have been complete without skyping the family... and having my nephew attempt to feed me cheeseballs. 
Be jealous.
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