Tuesday, December 27, 2011


This week It's all about the afterglow of Christmas; the gifts. 
Since I only really celebrated with one person this year there wasn't as many physical gifts as usual, but it's okay since the boy didn't disappoint. 

 Swatch watch
I haven't owned a watch since i was twelve, but I had my eyes on this puppy for a few months now. Being Swiss made Jo approved and proceeded to "surprise" me with it. 

Ray-Ban sunnies
Notice how I'm squinting in this photo from Christmas day, that's because the Italian-made Ray-Bans Jo also "surprised" me with are still on their way here. But be warned, once they are in my possession you may never see my eyes again...

Harry Potter Exhibition
This year the holidays landed in a manner that gave Jo and I four full days in a row together, which gave him the idea to actually surprise me with tickets to the Harry Potter exhibition that's in town! It was nothing less than awesome, although photos weren't allowed inside. Of course they were generous enough to offer a souvenir entrance photo & exhibition book... which we are proud to say we were suckers to buy both. 

Boxing Day Sales
And while we didn't take advantage of the infamous boxing day sales (day after Christmas that's equivalent to America's black friday sales sans people getting critically injured & pepper-sprayed), we did go out the day after where the sales were still just as good and the sales staff was just as prissy.

I didn't have anything in mind when we hit the city, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a few things I've been intending to get for half the price. At the Lacoste almost month-long "one-day sale" I got two pairs of perfect fitting pants for only $30 each, a large ice tea jug with steeper & tea from T2, and lots of goodies from Lush. 

Now I'm just anticipating those NYE fireworks that Sydney always brags about. Apparently they attract a 1.5 million crowd which is more than NYC, London or Berlin and are "the largest and most technologically advanced". (source with last years video

I guess we'll find out in a couple days!
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