Monday, January 2, 2012


Now that we're all officially settled into 2012, Happy New Years to you all!

Jo and I joined the 1.5 million crowd to watch the Sydney Harbour Bridge fireworks, but first we had to spend over an hour in line and another 7 on our little patch of land.
While this experience cost of nothing (are you surprised) Jo has decided that the $300 dinner with a view venues might not be such a bad idea...

While we moved spots a few times weary of not getting a good view (the whole 7 hours leading to midnight), within the last 30 seconds to the new year the whole crowd charged forward giving us this view:
This is the grand finale curtsey of my sony.

As for new years resolutions... I don't really do them. 
Aside from just being more awesome, in which case I seem to alway fulfill. 

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