Monday, January 30, 2012


wrap up
Despite what the weather has been yielding the past few months, the final swig of summer is closing in and with that so are the final weeks left before I start university. 
In the meantime I have been quite busy with being back in class, work and sorting all the financial and visa requirements for my coming enrollment into UTS. Trust me, it's even less exciting than it sounds, especially since I'm being guided as if this is my first time in college or getting a visa. 

During my course's four week break one member of our gang departed back to her home, Russia, and another graduated to a different class. While two of us are still together we don't get nearly as much down time now that we have a new teacher that takes her job a little too seriously (think ten million introduction games and being forced to stay later than every other class to do silly tasks such as sudoku... she's crazy). Fortunately we do utilize our coffee and lunch breaks, such as the day we took well over an hour coffee break than spent another hour or so downing some muy delicioso bocadillos. You can tell we take our studies at this college seriously.
The same week classes started up, so did my regular job handing out MX. I'm now back to having ink stained hands and weekly rides over the Harbour Bridge. Oh, and the increased, steady paycheck is always nice!

Since finishing The Hunger Games I've taken a little break from reading and, instead, am giving much needed attention to my sketchbook on train rides. I figure I should really start sketching more seeing as in less than a month's time I will officially be a design major! 
Can you tell I'm excited!?
Far too much food has been consumed this month, especially with a good friend of Jess's treating us to the Spanish restaurants he works at. I think I had more tapas that night than I did the whole week and a half I was in Spain. Although I hardly noticed with the seemingly bottomless sangria (red wine with lemon/lime soft drink). By the time the paella came none of us could hardly touch it we were so full. 
Even more food was consumed on Jan 26th, otherwise known as Australia Day. Of course was spent the way any Aussie summer holiday should, with a bbq, booze and good friends!

As you can tell, it's been a pretty [awesomely] crazy month!
I always find it annoying how as soon as I have heaps to blog about I can never actually do so because I'm too busy doing those things... #firstworldpain much?
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