Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I finally found myself the perfect re-useable coffee cup. I knew it was somewhere out there and I never gave up. Walking around Sydney I've seen a few of these cute little takeaway coffee cups in cafes offering a free drink with the purchase of one. And as cool and tempting as that is, it wasn't until I found the website for that I was sold. 

This puppy is made (mostly) in Australia, comes in all sorts of sizes to accommodate your level of caffeine addiction, and you can have all sorts of fun customizing it's colors online

Since this cup replicates the standard disposable coffee cup it will make your barista happy and possibly even save you a few pennies. I've only used it a couple times at Starbucks here in Australia and saved 60c each time. Considering the initial investment was $20, that's not to shabby. 

I couldn't vouch for these more and hope that more of the coffee scene catches on to it. Afterall, "KeepCup users have diverted an estimated 30000 tonnes of disposable cup waste from landfill."

If you need more convincing check out their Fast Facts page! It's pretty interesting.
Now go make some pretty cups!
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