Monday, April 9, 2012


I must apologize for my non-existent online presence these past couple months. As you can tell since orientation uni has consumed my life, mostly in a good way fortunately. 
But, I now have some time to catch you all up!

I recently started up my studies here
(University of Technology Sydney in visual communication)

Where I met these amazing guys
(The coolest international crew at UTS)

Been seeing a lot more of this guy
(don't worry, Jo is much more appropriately titled "the ex" )

lived in hostels/and out of a suitcase for the first two weeks of uni
(not my either of my hostels but good enough, image source here)

Then I finally moved into here
(though not nearly as neat anymore...)

which is just up the road from here
(best snorkeling spot in Syd!)

had some nice days to spend here
(so many beaches, so many assignments to avoid)

Did a lot of this
(Germans are a bad influence)

Which resulted in a lot of last minute this
(where late nights in the DAB lab turn into night clubs)

Where lots of this was consumed. 
($1 7-11 coffee is a blessing)

Much thanks to the easter holidays for letting me breath for a bit and catch you all up!
I'm aiming to post regularly, at least on a weekly basis, again after this.

After all, I have so much to share now that my life is pretty much non-stop design-making, traveling and filled with exciting nights out.

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