Monday, July 30, 2012


Yesterday I returned to my second semester at Uni. 
While I'm not too enthused (I think I already mentioned how there won't be a second year due to my... disappointment), I will still actually apply myself knowing that any of this work could go into the portfolio for when I apply to the better quality educational establishments that my own fine country has to offer. 

I hope that paragraph didn't sound as bitter as I truly am. I do try my best to be pleasant. Sometimes. 

While I headed back to class, Torsten headed down to New Zealand. Only being a study abroad student meant his visa expired and instead of paying to extend it he used that money to fly to the land of kiwis.  

Oh yeah, did I mention he also moved the date of his German flight back a couple months? I wonder what could have possibly could have influenced him to do that. 

While I'll be without him for a few weeks, he comes back in time for my two-week mid-semester break before I see him off to Germany. Then the real sad times begin. But I like to think that it only means another great Aussie adventure is required before his departure. 

Yes, my mind is always set on what my next travels are going to be. 
It makes things more exciting ;)
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