Tuesday, July 17, 2012


This seems like something quite monumental and yet I nearly missed it!

Guys, I've been in Sydney for just over a year now. 
This is also the long consecutive time that I haven't visited America. I've had nothing but this country for the past 365 days. 

This almost seems like a bigger deal than new years. I was looking back at the post I made when I first came here and soooooo much has changed. 

The highlights, of course, were starting Uni, meeting so many amazing people, exploring this city with them and moving in the eastern 'burbs next to some amazing beaches. 

With that being said, as great as this city has been. I'm already planning on leaving it. 

I originally intended to finish off my degree here but I've become less than impressed with my chosen university.  I'm going to finish this next semester, save up some dough, stick around for the summer and then plan a bit of an adventure before heading back to America in perfect timing before my best friend's wedding.

I already have a pretty solid Idea of what I'm going to do when I go back, especially education wise. Lets just say it may involve a new city with prospects of finishing in Europe. 

You are invited to get excited with me!
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