Monday, July 2, 2012


If someone told me I was experiencing winter right now I'd tell them to stuff it.  The season started in the beginning of July and we are still averaging 60+ degree days (15C) and I'm pretty sure we've seen more sun than we did in summer. It does get a bit chilly as soon as the sun goes away, but the Wisconsin in me doesn't believe a true winter can exist sans snow. 

On that note, I think I'm the only one who believes this, hence me getting some of Sydney's best beaches nearly too myself. Beach walkers don't bother me, in fact they kind of remind me of when I worked at the mall of america and all the old people would come in an hour or two before the shops open and just sped-walked around. It was kinda hilarious. Especially their outfits.


There was a point where I literally had to dust off my DSLR and realized it really needs to be busted out more. Sad times, I know. No camera should have to go through that neglect.

On a more positive note it turns out my German* is pretty good at working my fully manual camera and lens.  It's a first. Just look at that photo above, can you see the doubt in my face as I saw him "play" with my camera. I often just don't let people touch my camera out of the frustration of knowing that they will never get the focus right. Then again, there isn't much this guy can't do. I think I'll keep him.
*His name is Torsten, just for future reference when I decide that referring to him as "my German" gets old. But don't expect that for at least another few blog posts.

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