Sunday, June 17, 2012


Just over a week ago I ended all this.

With every final hand in came a great big sigh.
 I sorta love&hate how there are no real final group critiques here,
so currently I'm just hanging out waiting for my scores,
but in the meantime... 

cue the fireworks!
After all they are on EVERY saturday at Darling Harbour, 
and sadly each one I've seen so far has exceeded the standard of Green Bay's 4th of July firework show

After that the heater has been cued, 
or as Jackie deemed it my time machine,
which may have made me snort my hot chocolate all over myself. 
Yes, me friends, winter has sadly come resulting in...

lots of cold, rainy days. 
While I think this city is actually rather beautiful in the rain, 
it kind of keeps me from that whole beach thing that I am a lot more fond of. 

During this unfortunate weather and more fortunate free time, I've picked up more promo shifts.
I can honestly say I've worked for Dyson... 
even if it was only two weekends. 

 With the end of the semester many celebrations were had,
especially with my international ring of friends.

Then, of course, there is spending any second of spare time with my favorite German before his inevitable return back home.  

Most of my other exchange/abroad friends have already left Sydney to travel before heading back to their countries. 

I know this year I've been especially slack in updating this thing, but when you have company this good you don't waste it, especially when you know there's a due date. 

It's a bit of a sad time seeing all them leave, and I can't believe this semester has gone by so fast. I can easily say this has been the best five months I've had, especially in Australia. 

While I still have other great friends around, I think Syd will become a lonelier place come next semester. I'm just hoping I can somehow sneak into the international cocktail party that led me to meeting these guys.
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