Sunday, September 9, 2012


The blogging conundrum: 

When you finally start doing things worthy of blogging, there never seems to be the time to actually post them because you too busy actually experiencing real life.

This is not me complaining.

Trust me.

But so far my list of "blog-worthy" events to stick up here seems to be endless.
I have every intention of dedicating a post to all of the following, however, I hope these photos and brief captions will keep you satisfied until I actually manage to do that.

I started blogging about this weekend a couple months ago now...
aaaand have yet to finish. But I easily have huuundreds of photos from these few days that I have such a hard time sorting though and narrowing down. They are all just soooo good and still barely do the place justice. 

Something everyone, tourists and residents alike, should do is go along the most gorgeous 6 km walk just outside the city. It starts at Bondi, wraps around several beaches and ends in Coogee. All with amazing cliff views and array of accents & languages. 

I think it's obvious how biased I am with this area of Sydney. I do live within a few kilometers from some the greatest beaches for snorkeling, surfing, and sun-baking. Basically as soon as the sun graces me with it's warm rays; I'm out enjoying them.
This city was amazing, at least once you got past the horrendous weather. 

A visit to Melbourne would not be complete without a day spent along the Great Ocean Road; a good mixture of koalas, beach/cliff views and tourist traps.

A little de-tour on our Great Ocean Road trip left us abandoned in this ridiculously small village for 24 hours. Something that should have been terrible ended up being one the best days ever. 

For a couple weeks Circular Quay light up with the most amazing light installations.
 Just wait until you see the photos in color.
A gorgeous day that was meant to be no cost ended with copping a $100 fine.

Sydney surprises me sometimes.
Just when I was impressed with vivid, they come out with the biennale.
It's a massive contemporary art event that spreads over three months around the city.

I'm glad I left this until I've lived in Sydney for a year. It was pretty awesome seeing all my most favorite spots around sydney (trust me there are many) all at once and from really high. 
It's more awesome than what I've made it sound. 
Sometimes words fail me. I am a visual person after all. 

No surprise, university & assignments suck up a lot of my time. Fortunately being in design produces work that are much more interesting than test scores and essays.

Between all the traveling, uni work and enjoying the sun there is still, miraculously, enough time (and sometimes money) to enjoy the evenings. 

Sydney has been a busy place.

And in a week I'll be taking advantage of my two-week, mid-semester break by flying up to Cairns and driving back down the east coast to Sydney. That two week break will be the last with my German until he can no longer delay his inevitable flight back home to, you guessed it, Germany. 

So don't be surprised if I disappear for another few weeks.


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